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Quick Consols has a vast number of solutions to assist groups to report on their financial and non-financial data. Group consolidated reporting on legal entities, branches cost centres and profit centres.

Group Consolidated  Financial Reporting

Automate your consolidation with a slice and dice view to reporting. A powerful consolidation engine allows you to report across any currency in your group, across multiple year ends and partial consolidations of your group.

Take a slice and dice approach to running your consolidations.

Business Intelligence

Embedded Analytics allows you to build custom dashboards and graphs that give you a rich visual representation of your numbers with full drill down, variance analysis and exception reporting.

Statutory Financial Statements

Statutory Financial statements custom made templates. Compliance with  Full IFRS, IFRS for SME , GRAP and IPSAS. Other accounting standards accommodated such as FRS 102, US GAAP

Business Units & Segment reporting

Great for segmental reporting with filtering by cost centres, profit centres, divisions and locations.

Create and report across as many business units as you need across your group.

Intercompany Reporting and Elimination

Automated elimination of intercompany accounts.

Intercompany accounts reporting.

Group financial reporting including and excluding intercompany accounts.

Work flow review

Notes and discussions can be made on any reported numbers. Events tracks key actions performed on the system

Cloud-based Reporting 

Quick Consols is a cloud-based software and can be accessed anywhere at any time. Accessible on desktops, laptops and tablets


Quick Consols has an API which means your accounting system can automatically send data to Quick Consols rather than downloading and uploading manually.

Start reporting now!

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