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Solving business pain or loving to complain?

Through our journey as Quick Consols, we have met a number of clients need our help, want our help but who cannot be helped.

They call me Mr Analogy for a reason, and you’re about to find out why.

Imagine Person A wants to get from Johannesburg, South Africa to Paris, France. Person A

purchases a ticket from Emirates. Emirates clearly stipulates to Person A that they need to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight. The day of the trip, Person A calls Emirates 1 hour before the flight asking if the pilot can do a detour and pass through to pick them up!

As silly as it sounds, it’s actually the reality that SaaS businesses face every day. Many clients are in need of help but cannot adhere to the process and successfully implement a system that can take their business to the next level.

The question that needs to be asked is what a business should consider in order to

successfully implement a SaaS product that could change the course of their business?

1. What is the business process that you want to improve?

    - is the business process currently working at its best without the assistance of tech?

    - are the reasons for inefficiencies associated with a poor business process or with a lack of the appropriate tech to drive the process?


2. How much time and resources need to be committed to the SaaS implementation?

3. Is the business prepared to take the "Tablet/Medicine" from the SaaS provider to help improve the business process?

4. Are they partnering with the right SaaS partner (the one who can get us to France)?

   - SaaS partner has a clear cut plan to make the implementation successful

   - SaaS partner is driven by providing value-adding solutions to clients

5. Is the business ready to have their problems solved?

There is an old saying 'you can only be helped to the extent you want to help yourself '. If your business needs a SaaS solution that will take it to the next level, be prepared to get your hands dirty and follow instructions. bon voyage!!

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